29th Oct - 20th Nov 05. Sat & Sun 12-6pm


Dusu Choi
Anthony Gross
Faiyaz Jafri
Miltos Manetas & Luuk Bouwman
Rafaël Rozendaal
DJ /Rupture & Daniel Perlin

installation by Jen Wu, incorporating public areas with
Bernadette Corporation &
Raqs Media Collective

Private View: Friday 28th October:
a night of live electronic sounds and concerts by Man from Uranus and friends:
Ninki V, Sculpture, and Dogheads.
DJ set: Daniel Perlin.
Performance: Dædalus.

Gallery discussion Saturday 19th November at 4pm.
Catalogue available £2


Kernel Panic brings together digital arts and architecture in a physical and entropic mode: enveloping net art, digital ephemera, computer structures and sculptural installation, the exhibition presents participatory performance, social image making systems and group collaborations together in a pluralistic experience.
Creating a den and a platform,a kiosk and a cinema, a notional city installation structure made by Jen Wu responds to each artist's work with differing site-specific situations. The open spaces between these structures are public areas hosting artworks chosen in conjunction with Deptford X; a video by Bernadette Corporation and specially produced broadsheets by Rags Media Collective that are free to take. Music performances on the opening night will also take over the public area in the form of free concerts curated by Man from Uranus.
Cross-medium collaboration shapes much of the exhibition; musician DJ /Rupture and sound programmer Daniel Perlin are working together and showing for the first time in the UK, as is Miltos Manetas with his collaboration with director Luuk Bouwman and musician Gnak. Daedalus will be making a large systematised image installation, a collaboration generated by audience participation. Finally, the exhibition mode itself seeks to break down the edges of what constitutes a social or hierarchical space, both in its creation and in its use.
Kernel Panic is a term coming from computer architecture deign and functionality: an irrecoverable hardware collapse yielding on-screen coded messages. Kernel Panic - the exhibition - seeks to attain a Tron-like immersion into that condition, a metaphor for a contemporary digital-urban environment where the body in space negotiates multiple ephemeral stimuli.

Curated by Anthony Gross


Kindly supported by: Fusion, London Borough of Lewisham, London and Quadrant Housing, Macdonald Egan. Media partner BBC London


"Gotta do it" by Rafaël Rozendaal, 2005.


Turntable maestro DJ /Rupture collaborates with
NY sound programmer Daniel Perlin.


Daedalus producing images installations through social participation


These and other images available as print-ready files upon request.


The Kernel Panic artists:
Dusu Choi (Korea) site-specific installations using Asian barber shop & massage parlour motorised light signs.
Dædalus (UK) creates visual patterns through social games. For Kernel Panic he will produce a systematised installation through audience participation. Durational performance on opening night exploring 'liminocentric' structures.
Anthony Gross (UK) images and 3D animation produced by customising- and free-association of found web forum objects. Exploring subject matter borne out of mass media means of production. Co-founder temporarycontemporary.
Faiyaz Jafri: (Pakistan/Netherlands) New York based artist who combines virtual- sculpture, -photography, -filmmaking, making original digital characters and environments. Also known here for his computer generated campaign for Guiness Cold.
Miltos Manetas: (Greece, based in the US). His work explores the cultural space of the computer screen and video game. He has created Neen in 2000 (with a recent event at Sketch); an experimental social/events organisation that fluidly connects like minded tech artists. Here he collaborates with director Luuk Bouwman. Manetas has an upcoming solo show at Palais de Tokyo.
Rafaël Rozendaal: (Brazil/Netherlands) website net artist. Using beautiful, simplified images his subjects range from clouds to blood, from gradients to patterns.
DJ /Rupture: (US, based in Barcelona) "Rupture's blazing, provocative turntablism fuses hot new orientalist dancehall and battle-grade hiphop with Arabic vocals/instrumentation, soul divas, and a dusting of breakcore grit." The multi-album musician in a special collaboration with Daniel Perlin for this exhibition.
Daniel Perlin: (US) New York based sound designer with interactive design projects ranging from web based media to physical computing. Installations include Mutations with Koolhaas, Kwinter, Fabricius and Virafon, an audio installation with Vito Acconci.
Jen Wu: (US) Video installation performance artist. Employs fragmentary devices to represent identities in flux. For Kernel Panic she will create a physical structure that will bridge/rift across the space creating private pockets of gallery use and public space open for collaboration and inhabitation by Deptford X. Co-founder of temporarycontemporary.
Man From Uranus: (UK) "Chaotic and Melodic Analogue Electronic Space Sounds on Theremin, Synth, and Organ. Revivalist of Sci-Fi soundtracks with Beeper Hat and Childrens. Wellies. Situationalist, Absurdist, and Sound Visualizer."
About his friends:
Ninki V: (UK) "She plays the Theremin and Casio and her songs are very punchy and melodic JJPerrey style old-school electronics. Very charming".
Sculpture: (UK) "Dan Hayhurst formerly of They Came From The Stars. Brilliant musician. Very Lounge mixed with abstract frenetic beats. He plays home-made electronics and manipulates reel to reel tape machines in much the same way as turntable wax scratchers (uh)"
Dogheads: (UK) "Very fun and exuberant 4 piece who play Electronica Dance music wearing costumes of Space animals - Their music appeals to people who don't and do like dance music. Extremely crowd interactive."
Deptford X have been invited to select works for the Kernel Panic public area:
Bernadette Corporation: (based in Paris) "Conceived as a structure for group activity and the development of individual talents" ( BC negotiates fashion, advertising, magazines, institution, and the collective and in so doing forms a cross cultural, contemporary critique. Exhibitions include “Au-déla du Spectacle” at Centre Pompidou, Paris, & “Let’s Entertain” at Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis (2000).
Raqs Media Collective: (India) "A collective of media practitioners …working in documentary film-making, photography, media theory and research." (50th Bi. Venice - Dreams & Conflicts). Taking recontextualised stickers from the public realm and producing lightbox installations and printed
broadsheets available to pick up from the gallery.