Evolution comes. temporarycontemporary has resurrected in part as the do-it-yourself-art-centre at The Old Police Station. A project run by Anthony, it houses 40 artist studios, a cafe, exhibition spaces, a radio station, and independent project spaces, all in an Edwardian police station in New Cross. Having already hosted numerous exhibitions, performances, screenings, and even supper clubs in the police cells, it is an experimental multi-purpose venue aimed at a grassroots self-sufficiency. Inquiries and proposals can be sent to studios AT tempcontemp.co.uk.

do-it-yourself-art-centre @ The Old Police Station
114 Amersham Vale
London SE14 6LG




temporarycontemporary has moved. Our former premises is now not even a pile of rubble - it is just gone. But it's not over yet. Since the latter part of 2006, Anthony has been busy securing and converting our new HQ which is now just off Camberwell Green - at present artist studios and our office. Jen meanwhile has been doing a curatorial fellowship at the ICA (so do check out what's happening in SW1 if you're not already in the habit). temporarycontemporary is currently working on some pretty exciting projects for 2008 - it may be yet another year before we update our website again but you can still reach us at info@tempcontemp.co.uk.

Our new postal address is:

Unit 1 Camberwell Trading Estate
117-119 Denmark Road

London SE5 9LB

  p r e s s r e l e a s e
New South London Arts Space opening March 2004

is run by London-based artist Anthony Gross and New York artist Jen Wu, both from the 2001 Fine Art MA program at Goldsmiths College. It is a new exhibition and studio space situated in 4500 sq ft of a converted distillery right next to Deptford Bridge DLR, and will run for at least a year until redevelopment.

Each month will see a different kind of event or exhibition - a new contemporary as temporary as the last.

The inaugural exhibition will be MESMER, a show about the obsessive gaze, opening Thursday March 11th 2004. This will be followed by ‘Flea Market’ a South London Art Fair & Car Boot Sale on May 1st/2nd weekend.

Studio spaces will initially fund the informal program of exhibitions and invited artist projects. Proposals are encouraged as are international collaborations and exchanges with individuals and art spaces. The space is a Not For Profit Unincorporated Association with charitable aims. Anyone can apply to be a member by paying an annual membership fee. Renting the studios creates funding in the name of temporarycontemporary that goes towards running the exhibition space and providing unique subsidised exhibition opportunities.

For up-to-date information and press material please email info@tempcontemp.co.uk