Caroline Achaintre
Giraffo with Rose

Watercolour on paper, 21 x 29.5 cm

Reza Aramesh
Portrait with Pink Tie
Photograph, 56 x 58 cm

Sarah Baker
Puma and Bear
Collage, 56 x 83 cm

Sam Basu
Fortress of Solitude
Resin and found object

David Burrows & Simon O'Sullivan (Plastique Fantastique)

Lorin Davies
The refuge I built beneath this street is waterproof and cleaner than a laboratory
Satin banner

Ian Dawson

Patricia Ellis
Dave's Bachelor Party Weekend 1996
Acrylic on canvas, 23 x 17 cm

Anthony Gross
Object Passing: Kyoto / Object Passing: Los Angeles
Duratrans on mirror

Pil and Galia Kollectiv
Love as a Principle and Order as a Basis, Progress as Aim
Poster, unlimited edition

Denise Kum
In Mind's Eye
Digital photo on aluminium, 65 x 45 cm
Grosser Forms of Superstition Subset Items
Acrylic, wax, ethylene vinyl, brass rod, oil paint, lacquer, wood

David Medalla & Adam Nankervis
had planned to perform

a zoological Darwinian romp

which regrettably had to be cancelled due to
last minute venue unavailability.

Cedar Lewisohn
HMS Pinafore Drawing
2 part lino cut prints, 46 x 51 cm

Luke Oxley
Private Collection No. 2
Art piece consisting of 35 pornographic vintage photographs -
in clamshell archival box

Alicia Paz
Oil, acrylic buttons on canvas, 89 x 116 cm

Mark Pearson
The Man Who Couldn't Afford to Orgy
Ceramic objects, tile grout, acrylic varnish

Sarah Pierce
The Metropolitan Complex
Engraved flask

Lindsay Seers
Video, 12 min

Tai Shani
The GG Cup Super Pin Ups
Framed photograph

Markus Vater
in the collection of Anthony Gross

Annie Whiles
The Moment Ago
Embroidery silks, canvas, velvet, hair and felt, 100 x 100 cm

Jen Wu
YouthInAsia1: Killing Me Softly
Video, 17 min

Han Bing
Urban Amber No. 22
Photograph, 150 x 100 cm

Rafael Rozendaal
Website, dimensions variable

Paul O'Neill
Our Day Will Come

Our Day Will Come will present
three new issues of existing self-organised publications
as a means of extending, continuing, and
maintaining ongoing conversation
between hosts and invited guests:

Dave Beech & Mark Hutchinson
The First Condition
in dialogue with Steve Edwards

Vaari Claffey
Feint Magazine
David Blamey, Kathrin Bohm, AA Bronson, Jaime Gili,
Lothar Gotz, Matthew Higgs, Liam Gillick,
Caroline McCarthy, Suzanne Mooney, Harold Offeh,
Eduardo Padilha, Elizabeth Price, Ian Whittlesea and others.

Sarah Pierce
The Metropolitan Complex
Elizabeth Price, Peter Lewis, Craig Smith,
Jason Coburn and Maria Fusco.