projection: Francis Lamb; wall pieces: Mark Titchner, David Lock
monitors - left to right: Giles Round, Peter Fillingham, Anthony Gross, Paul O'Neill
front to back: Lindsay Seers (monitor installation), Howard Dyke (light sculpture), Cedar Lewisohn (drawings), Ian Dawson (painting)
front to back: Seb Patane, Luke Oxley, Jen Wu
right: Ian Dawson
left to right: Anthony Gross, Francis Lamb, Mark Titchner, Diann Bauer
left to right: Lindsay Seers (monitor installation & slide projection), Peter Fillingham, Giles Round
left: Jen Wu, entrance to Laurie Hill, Jonathan Allen
right: Laurie Hill
      back wall - left to right: David Lock, Cedar Lewisohn, Howard Dyke, Lindsay Seers  
middle bay: Luke Oxley, Seb Patane, Paul O'Neill  
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