I N T O . P O S I T I O N
Bauernmarkt 1 and 9, 1010 Vienna
opening: 25 Sep 2007, 6 - 10 pm
exhibition: 26 Sep - 7 Oct 2007
Mon - Fri 4 - 9 pm, Sat - Sun 3 - 9 pm

INTOPOSITION is a project which supports and communicates the activities of the younger Viennese artscene, as well as introduces international artists and independent art spaces in Vienna.

This show invites the participation of temporarycontemporary to bring a discussion to the Vienna art scene about self-organisation and navigating the mainstream with alternate models, modes and behaviours of production. This episode focuses on the practice- and alternate practice of Reza Aramesh, Mark Pearson (also presenting Howard Dyke), Luke Oxley and John Russell in turn looking at the Centrefold Scrapbook, Backlands and Frozen Tears projects. It is the second part in an on-going project - the first, SPACE INVASION - saw Anthony Gross and Jen Wu bringing a video show to the old law court offices in central Vienna with the works of Reza Aramesh, Sarah Baker,Francis Lamb and Mark Aerial Waller. Future projects will see residency projects in Vienna (Luke Oxley, March 2007) and London (new residency space at temporarycontemporary - dates particpants tbc).

This September INTOPOSITION brings a spectacular event to Vienna - 8 positions with contributions by David Shrigley, Spike Magazine, curators Elsy Lahner, Emanuel Layr, THE LAB with Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Roman Signer and many more.
More detailed information about the Vienna project at www.intopos.com

organization: Michael Göd, Elsy Lahner, Emanuel Layr
contact: info@intopos.com

Bauernmarkt - 8 Positions
venue: Bauernmarkt 1, 3rd floor
curators: Elsy Lahner, Emanuel Layr
artists: Svenja Deininger, Coelestine Engels, Birgit Knoechl, Nobuhiko Numazaki, Nick Oberthaler, Simon Reitstätter, Corinne L. Rusch, Christian Weigl

temporarycontemporary London
venue: Bauernmarkt 1, 3rd floor and Bauernmarkt 9, III, 1st floor
curator: Anthony Gross
artists: Reza Aramesh, Luke Oxley, Mark Pearson, John Russell

Images - a project of spike art magazine
venue: Bauernmarkt 1, 2nd floor
With contributions of:
John Armleder, Catrin Bolt, BURGHARD, Plamen Dejanoff, Christian Egger, Cyprien Gaillard, Mario Garcia Torres, Liam Gillick, Nicolas Jasmin, Christian Kobald, Sonia Leimer, Christian Mayer, Jonathan Monk, Marcus Neufanger, Flora Neuwirth, Falke Pisano, Seth Price, Stefan Sandner, Christoph Steinegger, Axel Stockburger, Betty Tompkins, Rita Vitorelli, Arye Wachsmuth etc.

Das Labor / The Lab
venue: Bauernmarkt 1, 2nd floor
curator: Severin Dünser
artists: Davide Balula, Michel Blazy, Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Bernard Frize, Nikolaus Gansterer, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Willi Kopf, Igor Krenz, Mahony, David Moises / Chris Janka, Tina Schulz, Fabian Seiz, Gedi Sibony, Roman Signer, Tove Storch, Kon Trubkovich, Franz Türtscher / Sarah Kolb, Keith Tyson, Johannes Vogl, Martin Walde, Herwig Weiser

venue: Bauernmarkt 1, garage
curators: mono.kultur
artist: David Shrigley

Failure Notice - Visual Arts Platform
venue: Bauernmarkt 9, passage
curators: Eva Martischnig, Adriana Marques
artists: allsopp&weir, Oriana Fox, Blue Curry

venue: Bauernmarkt 9, passage

venue: Bauernmarkt 9, passage
curators and organization: Mittwochsbar

P A N E L . D I S C U S S I O N S
venue: Café Korb, Artlounge, Brandstätte 9

1st discussion: 29 Sep 2007, 3 pm
Space and Spatiality
moderator: Michael Göd
guests: Thomas A. Bauer, Arno Böhler, Richard Heinrich, Luisa Ziaja

2nd discussion: 6 Oct 2007, 3 pm
From 'Off Space' to 'White Cube' - concepts for the presentation of contemporary art
moderator: Juliane Feldhoffer
guests: Bettina Brunner, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Elsy Lahner, Philippe Pirotte, Stella Rollig, Andreas Spiegl

Into Position After-Show-Party + Release Party spike 13
25 Sep 2007, 10 pm
venue: Fledermaus Disco and Nightbar, Spiegelgasse 2
DEF DISCO DJS: Sonnenwind (TheGap) Bonmot (bbbleach/London)

Partner: Fa. Lenikus, Hasenlechner Art Consult, Die Apotheke-Dr Fellner KG
Powered by: mit Loidl oder Co. Graz, spike art magazine, bmukk, Wien Kultur----

Into Position
Elsy Lahner
An der Hülben 2 A-1010 Vienna
phone +43 650 37 62 456

Location: Bauernmarkt 1 + 9, A- 1010 Vienna

The Antidote to Civilisation, Luke Oxley


Frozen Tears, John Russell

John Russell

Sign II, Luke Oxley

Centrefold, Reza Aramesh

The Origin of Goth, Mark Pearson

I Am a Believer, Reza Aramesh

Cross Swords
, Mark Pearson