16th April - 15th May, 2005

Lior Danzig / Talia Israeli / Philip Jonlin Lee / Neil Porter / Richard Oliver Wilson

Exhibition open Sat-Sun 12-6pm

PV Friday, 15th April: 6.30pm - late

Disquiet brings together five artists searching to elevate their own sense of restlessness. Disquiet does not focus on the artists' aspirations, but rather on the elements and spaces that emerge when they begin to break down and digress from their aims.
It is in these elements that the works succeed through a sense of failure, and form their own language and identity.


Talia Israeli


Neil Porter

The mutual starting point is the attempt to overcome anxiety and discomfort with the perceived environment, in both emotional and physical terms. Restless acts of repetition are present, and a pre-acceptance of the collapse of fantasy's ability to replace a void and redeem.
But the reappearance of elements is not a deterministic surrender to patterns, but rather a vital insistence, sometimes on the verge of infantile, of the possibility of a persistently new shape of things.

The exhibition is a blend of paintings, photography, video and installation.