curated by Kristen Lovelock

Preview 31 March 2006 7 – 9pm

Open 1 April – 30 April 2006 (closed 14, 15, 16)
Fridays – Sundays 12 – 6pm

Daniel Bell, Marie-Fleur Charlesworth, Philip Hausmeier, Haruhi Hayashi, Kristen Lovelock, Adam Marnie, Richard Moon, and Jo Wilmot
0781 741 3136 or 0208 691 7527

After Party Friday 31st March
9:30pm - late @ temporarycontemporary
Live Band and Bar

"FROM SKETCH TO FINISH" Speakers and Discussion
"GREATEST CHANCES" Workshop for teens 15 - 18
"CONCRETE ALLOTMENT" Exhibition Catalogue
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CONCRETE ALLOTMENT is a group show of up-and-coming artists using various media to reflect and deconstruct their concern for politics and aesthetics in contemporary culture. The exhibition is curated by Kristen Lovelock, who is also one of the featured artists, Lovelock hopes that by providing a plot of concrete for the artists to exhibit their work and the accompanying interview styled catalogue, the workshop, speakers and discussions will facilitate the artists and art to both speak for themselves. Lovelock has selected the artwork for its bold and straight-forward look and its subversive mood; the work is mostly black and white with rich bursts of colour. The exhibition will be hosted by the temporarycontemporary gallery in the Old Seager Distillery in South London.


Daniel Bell (Glasgow)
Bell sensitively explores the pain, suffering and healing of the brutal mark existing in art, humans and animals through his beautifully realised videos, installations and drawings. Bell exhibited in East International in 2005 and in Last Chickens of Sainsbury (part I & II). He graduated with distinction from Glasgow School of Art in 2003 and studied at Rhode Island School of Design in 2000.

Marie-Fleur Charlesworth (Belgium/London)
Charlesworth’s photographs have three concentrations: Documentary investigations of cultural decay, inventions of humorous and subversive situations which point towards people’s underlying motivations, and convincing painterly portraits. She also makes film and works as a fashion photographer. Recent shows include Heresy in Islington. Charlesworth graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2001 in Media and Communications.

Philip Hausmeier (Germany/London)
Hausmeier makes expansive and physically engaging installations inventively made from bin bags, twigs, and other materials of the everyday. In his Black Series, Hausmeier is interested in the viewer’s subjective experience as they walk through his dense cut-outs. He has shown in Twenty to One in Canary Wharf, ‘The Red Line’ at Whitfield Space, and has exhibited in Germany and the Netherlands. Hausmeier received his MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2005.

Haruhi Hayashi (Japan/London)
Hayashi makes delicate and considered, fiercely feminine and sometimes sarcastic soft sculptures of creatures and fairytale characters. Inspired by the mythological symbol of the lion and the unicorn, Hayashi has made an installation that looks like part dancing elegant creatures part dueling black ninjas that twist the meaning of this heraldic symbol. She has shown in Living in a Material World at Constance Howard (Centre), and Revenge of Romance at temporarycontemporary. Hayashi graduated with an MA from Goldsmiths College in 2004.

Kristen Lovelock (US/London)
Primarily abstract landscapes, Lovelock’s work lays open these territories as battlegrounds to expose the conscious and subconscious subscription to the political.LH ‘War is Hell, Hell is War,’ is a patchwork of sewn used black combat trousers and soiled painter’s shirts, her new 3-D work ‘Slit..’ is a large fence with black fabric attached to it. She has shown in Group Sex Group Show at Trolley Gallery and Brand New and Retro at The Empire. She received her BFA in 2002 from Rhode Island School of Design and studied at Goldsmiths College in 2001.

Adam Marnie (Brooklyn)
Marnie’s visually explosive work found both on the wall and off the wall is about the fetishistic spiritual experience of finding the perfect object that breaks the emptiness of the everyday. He makes assemblages from his scavenges, namely the remnants of other peoples treasures, but also uses his personal possessions and photographs to make his work. This is Marnie’s first time showing in London. Marnie received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001.

Richard Moon (London)
Moon’s primarily black and white paintings evoke stillness and wonderment. Like a painted Hitchcock film still or a Crass record poster his paintings are psychologically charged and haunting. His thoughtfully rendered patchwork people originally made from photo-montage and drawing invention are unsettling yet highly intriguing. Moon has shown in New Paintings at the Wyer Gallery and Marlow at Nolia’s gallery, and will have his first solo show at the Wyer Gallery in May 2006. Moon graduated from The Royal Academy Schools in 2005.

Jo Wilmot (London)
Melting paintings of lush gardens, stately homes, posh animals and luxurious lifestyles ultimately make the decadent derogatory by Wilmot’s use of dripping paint. Her critique of bourgeois culture and its collapse is beautifully painted and brightly coloured, luscious and raw and conceived in a humorous, daring and at times haunting way. Wilmot has shown in Fuck Art Let’s Paint at Transition and Eng-er-land at the Tea Building and will be showing in Domesticity in Bournemouth this year. She received her MA from Goldsmiths College in 2005.


"Slit..." Kristen Lovelock





"Dying in the Zoo" Daniel Bell





"Echo" Richard Moon

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