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International Meeting Between Autonomous Cultural Centers Stemming From Citizen and Artistic Initiatives * 25-27 September 2004 BizArt Art Center, Shanghai * 27-29 September 2004 Fuxing Park Video Presentations

"The structure of the symposium will be an installation, where each organization can present their own space to each other and to the general public. Each space will display in any form or medium that they feel suits them: installation piece, video projections, etc. At the same time, BizArt will host small informal workshops on the side focusing on pertinent issues related to contemporary spaces and the current situation in art.

An extention of the symposium will be a video survey of participating spaces and the artists that they work with or represent. Four screens will be placed in and around ShanghArt Gallery and Baci in Park 97. The first screen will show short videos from each organization introducing their space and activities. The next three screens will be dedicated to artists' videos, one screen each for Europe, Asia and China. The event is in collaboration with ShanghArt Gallery and Park 97."


artists presented by temporarycontemporary:

Anthony Gross

Suzanne Mooney

Paul O'Neill

Luke Oxley

Jen Wu